dimanche 2 avril 2017

What happened on March 13, 2017? (EARTH'S MAGNETOSPHERE)

R Wayne Steiger

Ajoutée le 1 avr. 2017

It would seem we (meaning all of us on this planet) are in the midst of rapid changes taking place right now on a global scale to the Earth. We are told by NASA, ESA and other governments that all is good and there is nothing to these wild claims that the Earth and our Solar system are changing. They say there is no scientific evidence to support any such claims. Okay, so please explain what happened here because one thing is for certain this is not normal. 

My question; is this being caused by a natural event or is this somehow artificial, man made, CERN? From what we can see whatever is causing this it is causing havoc to the Earth and are we now seeing the effects of this? 

For this to be recorded for over 5 hours and to realize this is happening with more frequency and intensity it has got to mean something. I want to thank Skywatch Media News for having recording this event please subscribe to his channel he has excellent material : 

March 13, 2017 (Chaotic situation)

October 10, 2016 (Normal Situation)