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HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK : On December 31, nearly all of the 26-acre lava delta suddenly fell into the sea

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A "fire hose" of lava is pouring into the Pacific Ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park after the recent collapse of a large section of lava called a delta, or bench.

USGS Scientist Describes Lava Delta Collapse
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HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK (BIVN) - The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory's Scientist-in-Charge, Tina Neal, talks about the 26-acre delta that suddenly fell into the ocean on New Year's Eve.

HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK – Tina Neal, Scientist-in-Charge of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, talks about the New Year’s Eve lava delta collapse at the Kamokuna ocean entry inside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Neal’s presentation was part of a special “After Dark In The Park” event kicking off January’s Volcano Awareness Month.

On December 31, nearly all of the 26-acre lava delta suddenly fell into the sea, along with more than four acres of older coastal cliff area, which included the former lava viewing site. The viewing area within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was closed for two days following the incident and was reopened Tuesday.

The January 3 talk marked 34 years and counting for the eruption at Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō.

We will have more from Neal’s presentation, which included a brief description of Kilauea’s East Rift Zone eruption, including the June 27 lava flow and the current 61g flow to the ocean, as well as the lava lake at the summit.

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Le parc national des volcans d'Hawaï, en anglais Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, est l'un des deux parcs nationaux des États-Unis situé dans l'État d'Hawaï. Il est désigné site du patrimoine mondial depuis 1987. Wikipédia