samedi 7 janvier 2017

Excessive Snowfall Outlook across Europe – Jan 8-11, 2017

*** Excessive Snowfall Outlook across Europe for the next 3 days ***


Here is an overview of the pattern through the next 3 days when some areas will be experiencing excessive snowfall. One of these areas is the E Balkans and Turkey which are influenced by the arctic outbreak associated with stationary upper low centered above the Aegean sea. Dark blue areas should expect 30-50 cm of new snow until Tuesday. Even more seems possible in the mountaines of S Turkey, local totals could exceed 100cm.

Persistent N-NE-erlies across the W Balkan peninsula and central Europe will result in additional snowfall across the N side of the Alps and in SE Italy (Adriatic sea-effect snow) and 30-50 cm seems possible there as well.

Iceland and mountainous Norway should experience deep cyclones moving from N Atlantic into Scandinavia and result in excessive precipitation where higher elevations could receive 40-75 cm of new snow by Tuesday.

Elsewhere, areas around the dark blue areas will be getting some snow, but no very significant or excessive amounts are expected.

The white shaded area across S-CNTRL Balkan peninsula snhould be alert for extremely low morning temperatures in the coming days due to fresh snow, very cold and dry airmass spread over these countries and diminishing winds under the high pressure and clear skies. Should not be surprised to see some areas even below -25°C!

These are consequences of snowfall in Abruzzo, Italy for the last day. In some places the drifts of 2-3 meters. source: / Maksimilian Capone / Jacopo di Benedetto / Raffaele Trivisonno

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